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This first collection of my songs, Spirits Walking the Wind, has its roots in the first years of my life on this beloved Earth. One of my earliest memories is standing on the lawn of my Aunt’s house, looking up at the sky and knowing without doubt that I had come from somewhere else, some benevolent place that felt like Home. I was two years old, and I also knew with the same certainty that it was up to me to figure out how to live here on this planet. For the next few years of my childhood, what helped sustain me were my most cherished childhood friends, who were two spirits, and the music my mother sang to me. Snuggled on her lap, I would listen to her sing Christmas carols and the sacred beauty of the music and the words, along with the pictures in the song book of Angels, children, and animals in harmony together in the beauty of Nature reminded somehow of my Home.

Music continued to sustain me along with my deepening love of Nature, of Spirit, and of the many cultures of the world’s people. When I was thirty, during a time of deep transformation, I found my longed-for calling, as a healer, and committed to using all my talents and abilities toward that end. (See more on my life work of healing below). At that same time I also began to receive (and continue to receive) songs — melodies, lyrics—sometimes fully formed, sometimes just in what I call "song seeds," - a refrain perhaps, a lilting melodic phrase, a title, some evocative words, or a rhyme. It took almost two decades before I began really honoring these songs, and listening to them, understanding at last that they were part of the sacred path of healing. Finally I committed to the Muse, and the music, dedicating myself to listening and working with each new song inspiration that came and honing those I had already begun. (In the meantime my many years delighting in improvisational music and vocals, solo and with others, in the musical flavors of many cultures, my work with the healing power of sound, and voice building had empowered me musically to take these works further). A four and a half day Vision Quest a few years ago in the Inyo mountains between Death Valley and Yosemite further empowered the effort, giving me the strength and the mission to bring forth an album of healing, uplifting songs, Voices of the Spirits (Now entitled Spirits Walking the Wind)

Native Americans say that each person arrives on this planet with his or her own Original Medicine. No one else brings that specific set of gifts, and if we do not express them, they are denied to the planet and its living beings forever. As an intuitive musician, inspired by the music I was receiving, by soul and by Spirit, I set out to offer my songs. During the four-year labor of love it took to produce this album, the songs and music grew me as much as I grew them.

It is with great delight that I now bring forth this collection. These songs are a gift of the Spirit, brought through in co-operation with the spirits, and lovingly arranged and co-created with masterful presences seen and unseen. They are the Voices of the Spirits - the truths they lived by that gave them strength in their time and their messages for us today, carried on timeless, haunting melodies, echoing their ethnicity in spellbinding arrangements. May these songs bless you as much as they've blessed me!

May you too face your fears and confusions in order to say yes to your own dreams! May you live them willingly! And through deep listening may you hear the voice of the Spirit, the music of Nature, and the song of your Soul wherever you go!

Heart to heart, Nancy

Feel free to contact me with your responses to the music or in relation to your own soul's journey, or regarding my life work of workshops, soul work and healing work. (I also host my own TV show entitled Life Passages, The Soul's Journey). Check this site in a few weeks for video clips, links, inspirations and/or other elements that will be added to empower, and uplift you and inform you of upcoming workshops, concerts, and events.

To find out more about my life works of healing and Soul work follow links to Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Consulting, Workshops.

Whatever you have longed to do — or dreamed you can — begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it...

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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