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Turquoise Banner with mountain ranges, "Co-Creative Counseling Since 1975, Nancy Bloom, M.A., Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist"

Co-Creative Counseling: For Issues of Past, Present and Future

Nancy respectfully and skillfully guides you in healing from the past,
living fully in the present, and creating a fulfilling future.

"We work together to help you reclaim your soul in its fullness, to awaken your inner wisdom, inner resources, and peace of mind, and to empower you in greater well-being in all areas of your life." ~Nancy

Issues addressed include:

We draw on the power of body, mind, spirit and emotions for the inner healing of:

  • health challenges
  • stress, illness, loss, injury, pain
  • unhealthy lifestyle and habits

to arrive at greater well-being and embrace and live a healthier, more
fulfilling life.

Is your past affecting your present life? I assist you in revealing and/or healing past hurts so you can lay the past to rest in the past at last, leaving you free to live a fuller life and be all you are here to be

  • issues of childhood
  • revealing and reversing negative programming
  • healing from past trauma
  • addressing and releasing old grief, anger and pain

Are you not presently living life as you wish to live it? Move beyond depression and anxiety to fully living. I help you defuse and transform responses. habits, stresses, attitudes and patterns of living, empowering you to make wise and healthy choices naturally and easefully on an ongoing basis to enjoy the life you want to live. Healing the past may also be of help to you in creating a healthy present and future.

  • attitudinal healing
  • resolving inner conflict
  • tranforming your
  • healing on all levels

Learn to create and live the life you truly choose to live. Reach the goals that mean the most to you. Enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Become your fullest, truest self, finding fulfillment moment to moment, day to day, living an authentic life in greater well-being on all levels.

Move from stuckness to movement, from loss of love to a renewal of love, from conflict to co-creatvity. Learn to
skillfully communicate and listen. Build trust, achieve authenticity and empathy. Build self-esteem, and good boundaries, the foundation of all healthy relationships, and defuse old triggers, moving beyond judgement to
acceptance of self and others. Live in the present, not the past.

  • Communication skills
  • Forgiveness
  • Listening
  • Healing past
  • Resolving conflict
  • Co-creating a life that works
  • Confidence in relating

Work with all relationships: couple, family, work, friends,

Do you find that the attitudes you carry often get in the way of the life you want to live? Move from fear to faith, from trauma to trust, from negative to positive, from stress to strength, addressing:

  • self-esteem
  • body image
  • self -acceptance
  • self-confidence
  • authenticity
  • attitudes to events, experiences and life

Heal and Transform
-- with transformative, transpersonal
co-creative counseling --

Empathic, Conscious, Experienced, Confidential

Nancy Bloom

Nancy Bloom is a Counselor with a Masters Degree in Psychology, and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. She is in private practice in Southern Oregon, and for 26 years also worked as a psychotherapist at the Rosewood Institute, a State Certified Outpatient Mental Health Facility, where she served as Assistant Director and Director, as well.

Nancy Bloom's counseling sessions are by appointment and are available by phone or in person.

To discuss counseling or make an appointment,

Nancy says:
"From my decades of working with people I have arrived at an unshakeable belief in the power of the human spirit to heal and transform.

It is my joy and honor to guide you, in the unique ways that are right for you, to your own healing and transformation, liberating you to discover and live fully your soul's nature and the life you are truly here to lead!

In the co-creative counseling process, I draw upon a wealth of tools and approaches, traditional and alternative, as needed, to help you address and heal issues of past and present, and to empower you to transform and evolve to greater well-being of body, mind and spirit.

I welcome and work well with people of all ages, all faiths, all ethnicities, and all lifestyles."

Approaches available include, but are not confined to, compassionate listening, hypnotherapy, dream work, psychosynthesis, intuitive consulting, inner process, insight, skillful communication, stress reduction, energy work, empathy, clearing, soul retrieval, meditation, centering, prayer, relaxation response training, coaching in self healing, guidance in relationship process, voice dialogue, visualization, affirmation, role play, Gestalt and expressive arts therapies, shamanic work.

Release & Transform... Find, Claim & Embrace
  inner and outer conflict   clarity, co-creativity  
  loss of self and soul   reclaiming self and soul  
  fragmentation   wholeness, integration  
  imbalance   balance  
  dis-ease   well-being  
  disconnectedness from nature, spirit, soul, source, higher power   connection with nature, spirit, soul, source, higher power  
  self condemnation, self-judgment   self acceptance  
  low self esteem   self esteem  
  lack of confidence   confidence  
  fear   faith  
  anxiety   centeredness, serenity  
  self doubt, lack of trust   trust -- in self, in your process, in life, in your Higher Power, and in those worthy of your trust  
  failure   success  
  self-sabotage   self support  
  shakiness   groundedness, inner strength  
  stress, tension   inner peace, relaxation
  stuckness   flow, moving forward in life  
  unhealthy lifestyle   healthy lifestyle  
  unhealthy habits   healthy habits  
  negative patterns   positive responses, passion  
  negative attitudes   positive attitudes  
  inauthentic living   authenticity, integrity  
  poor communication   effective communication  
  dysfunctional relationships   healthy relating & relationships  
  poor boundaries   good boundaries  
  depression, despondency   vibrancy, well-being  
  withdrawal from life   engagement in life, fully living  
  loss of dreams, meaning   living with meaning, dreams  
  lack of purpose or direction   a life of purpose and direction  
  lack of joy   joy  
  rigidity   greater flexibility, spontaneity  
  overly critical and harsh   more accepting and supportive  

Client feedback:

"I've learned so much from our sessions - I've gained a lot of tools and teachings and insights, and I draw on them daily. They have improved my life immeasurably! Now I realize I want to do counseling work, I am so inspired by you! " ~R.B., mother, poet

"I do want to thank you for your wonderful contributions to my welfare this past year. I feel I have made terrific progress with your guidance, and I
am very, very appreciative!"
~J.H., mother, store manager,

"Nancy uses hypnosis, visualization techniques, creative therapy, and her own personal intuition in her work as a therapist. She incorporates her spirituality as well as compassionate listening skills into her practice. I found Nancy to be supportive and allowing of the direction and speed I needed my work to go. She was able to both sit with my material and issues, and to offer techniques and tools to help me work through them to healing." ~R.B., client, mother, graduate student, advocate for children

"You are, Nancy, the healing one, my true friend and spiritual guide. You are also a colorful batch of love, fresh from the heart's baking oven! Your guidance, counseling, encouragement, warmth and support have meant everything to me and my family!" ~C.N., mother, co-owner of a business

"Nancy IS spiritual work! Really people should tithe to her!" ~P.G., mother, graphic artist, former client and participant in Nancy's Spiritual Healing workshops

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