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lotus on turquoise background, "Healing & Transformation: Since 1975 dedicated to Awakening the Spirit, and to the Healing of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul"

Nancy Bloom is a Counselor with a Masters Degree in Psychology, and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is in private practise in Southern Oregon, and since l990 has also been a psychotherapist at the Rosewood Institute, a State Certified Outpatient Mental Health Facility, where she presently serves as its Assistant Director.
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Hypnotherapy is an ideal approach to releasing old patterns and empowering new pathways. In hypnotherapy sessions, Nancy skillfully and compassionately guides you into deeper states, using inner tools to empower the lasting tranformation and healing of body, mind and spirit.
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Intuitive Consulting
Nancy Bloom uses her amazing intuitive gifts in clear and insightful professional Intuitive Consulting. She draws upon a deep psycho-spiritual understanding developed over 28 years as a professional counselor, hypnotherapist and energy worker to provide life transforming readings, bringing clarity, fresh perspective, and empowering awareness to all areas of life -- past, present and future.
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