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Areas Addressed
(include but are not
confined to the following)

  • Relationships
  • Health and healing on all levels
  • Actualizing goals
  • Choices
  • Business
  • Life purpose
  • Life direction
  • Spirituality
  • Soul
  • Creativity
  • Projects
  • The past
  • The present
  • The future
  • Past lives
  • Decisions
  • Transitions
  • Personal growth
  • Transformation
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Communication with those beyond (both souls passed on and those soon to be born)
  • Readings of people not physically present, able or willing to communicate fully with you, or those you need to discern more about. (e.g. a new born baby, a daughter out of touch, a son out of the country, someone in a coma, a toddler, a potential
    employee, a future business partner , a frend with a life threatening illness, etc.)
  • Family constellations of past and present
  • Ancestors

Animal Communication

Evolving out of her professional Intuitive Consultant work with human clients and their pets, Nancy is now doing Animal Communication consultations with pets and their people, as well as for wild animals interfacing with humans.

Nancy's natural ablity to listen to and articulate animals' concerns, responses and needs, as well as her ability to communicate back and forth with them "on the inner," making suggestions to them directly and to their owners for effective interventions, allows her to help pets and their owners make remarkable shifts toward greater well-being on all levels and healthy, happy relating.

Client Feedback:

"Thank you again for the work you did with my cat, Penelope . She has been a different kitty since then.
Though she had been, as you know, moaning and waking up every 20 minutes at night for several nights in a row, the night you did the reading and communicated with her she slept like a baby. And has done each night since! She seems more serene and at ease. You are so talented in this area!"


Nancy Bloom uses her amazing intuitive gifts in clear and insightful professional Intuitive Consulting. She draws upon a deep psycho-spiritual understanding developed over 28 years as a professional counselor, hypnotherapist and energy worker to provide life transforming readings, bringing clarity, fresh perspective, and empowering awareness to all areas of life -- past, present and future.

Her 30 years of deep spiritual study and practise within the Native American, Buddhist, Sufi and mystical Christian traditions informs her work, as does her lifetime of traveling and living in other cultures and close to nature, and her life work of teaching, healing, counseling and shamanic work. Her artistic gifts as a singer-songwriter, poet and former visual artist bring artistry and verve to the process.

When Nancy reads for you, she invokes the highest, clearest guidance and loving protection for the process, then clears herself and gets her personality out of the way, becoming a compassionate, wise and grounded conduit for knowingness, clairvoyance, clairaudience, information and insight. She transmits what she sees, hears and understands with sensitivity, power and precision, often through evocative yet specific language and images, and sometimes parables, as the reading unfolds.

She shares the information in ways that empower you. The process can be one of simply listening to what she shares or it can become a dialogue. Often a client's own intuitive insight gets sparked and a wonderful co-creation emerges in working together. Your questions, concerns and responses, when voiced, often lead to new streams of information that address them. At times specific one-of -a-kind processes, exercises, tasks, tools, meditations or healing interventions may come through to address your unique needs. These as well as the information shared and taped continue as support for you in your ongoing process, work and life after the reading.

Nancy's Intuitive Consulting work is by appointment -- by phone or in person -- and readings are taped, if you wish, for later reference. (So much is included that it is sometimes difficult to take in all of it at one time. It is also helpful to be able to draw on the empowering, clarifying words and suggestions for support and direction at later times.)

To make an appointment with Nancy

call ( 541) 621-2181 (local)

send email to



Client Feedback:

" Ever since you first read for me, in l979, your readings have been foundational for me. They offer a lighthouse in my darkest nights and stormy seas, and a breath of clear fresh air. That's why I on my own have decided to put you on retainer.I hope you will agree to my sending a larger sum of money as an account with you, for me to draw upon whenever i need a reading. I have it now and it will feel good to know that i have credit with you. Thank you for all your work over the years on behalf of my father in his decline (and subsequent dying, and my process caring for him and then grieving and next weaving a new life), of my brother and of myself, through moves, losses, changes of work, widowhood and beyond. Your readings always give me hope and perspective and help keep me afloat. Thank you!." ~A.F., travel agent

"Nancy has done intuitive readings of both my present and past lives. Nancy's accuracy in her readings often sent shivers down my spine and put tears in my eyes, telling me that she was right on the money." ~R.B., mother, PhD candidate

"Nancy IS spiritual work! Really people should tithe to her!" ~P.G., mother, graphic artist, former client and participant in Nancy's Spiritual Healing workshops

[Nancy has dedicated her life to the ministry of healing. Though in l973 she became a minister in a Spiritual Healing church, she has chosen to continue her ministry through her work in the healing arts, counseling, and guiding life-affirming and inspirational workshops. She also conducts ceremonies -- weddings, memorials, Rites of Passage -- and is a registered minister in the state of Oregon.

Over the years she has embraced the truths of many faiths -- "One Water, Many Wells" -- and resonates with the essential wisdom of Buddhism, Native American spirituality, Judaism, Islam, Celtic lifeways, and of course, Christianity. Nature is an important spiritual strength for her as well. Thus she works well with people of all faiths, as well as with those who do not embrace a religious faith.

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Photo, Little Blue Heron, Dorothy Dodd/Florida Photographic Collection