Sweet Sacred Mystery (CD)

Sweet Sacred Mystery
  1. Every Breath a Prayer
  2. Children of the Wind
  3. Remembrance
  4. Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain
  5. Follow the Path
  6. In Grace
  7. Sweet Sacred Mystery
  8. Fire in the Desert
  9. Song of Myself
  10. Walking in a Sacred Way
  11. Remembrance - Living Waters
  12. Deganaweda
  13. Salaam, Shalom
  14. Sacred Springs
  15. Every Breath a Prayer (Reprise)
Spirits Walking The Wind (CD)

  1. Streamsong
  2. Pachamama
  3. Lament
  4. Spirits Walking the Wind
  5. Les Chansons du Mystere
  6. Spirit
  7. Walking the Milky Way
  8. Your Bodies, Our Bones
  9. You Cannot Chain My Soul
  10. Sacred, Sacred
  11. Blessed Be
  12. Streamsong (Reprise)

All nature is alive, awake and aware with Divine Presence, and everything in life responds to the song of the heart.
- Ernest Holmes


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