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Soul Work
Do you feel you've lost part of yourself along the way?
Do you feel you've lost parts of your Soul and need to reclaim them?
Do you need to strengthen yourself to face challenges?
Do you want to know and fulfill your life's purpose, your calling?
Do you want to be and live the real you, your Essence?
Do you want to heal more fully?

if so, Soul Work and Soul Retrieval may be for you.
Call 541-621-2181 to find out more.


Soul Work....
Working with Soul, Spirit and Source toward
deeper healing and fuller living.

Nancy BloomSoul Work and Healing
For over 30 years Nancy Bloom, M.A., CHT, Counselor and Hypnotherapist, has worked with restoring Soul. Living from Soul strengthens our core, and deepens well-being, as well as increasing our resilience, and ability to heal.

Statements like: "Ever since that happened I feel I've lost part of myself," or: "I'm just not myself anymore" or "After that I've felt fragmented" can signal a need for Soul Retrieval to reclaim wholeness after trauma or loss.

"Nancy's Soul work saved my life!"
-J.H., Combat Vietnam Veteran.

"The Soul Retrieval I experienced with Nancy Bloom has been a key to my outliving my prognosis of death by 11 years. And though I still have cancer, I am often resilient in the face of it, and strong in my spirit." - A.J., mother, writer.

Nancy Bloom has adapted Soul Retrieval to the counseling setting, and to hypnotherapy. She also offers more traditional Soul Retrieval, Energy Medicine and Hands on Healing modalities, as well as Nancy's intuitive gifts, are available to sensitively and skillfully assist the process as needed.

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Soul Work and Healing through Workshops and Groups

Nancy Bloom also guides workshops and groups in Soul Work, and Healing.
Her Workshops that incorporate Soul Work and Healing are:

        • Spirit Journey
        • Soul Quest
        • The Medicine Wheel, Way to Wholeness, Path of Power
        • Healing Hands, Healing Heart
        • Living From Soul
        • Tools for Transformation

To learn more about her workshops:

To ask questions & schedule appointments,
or to sign up for a workshop or group call: 541-621-2181 or email nancy[at]

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Soul Retrieval through Music
Both of Nancy's CD's of original, inspirational world music incorporate healing instrumentation, melody and lyrics that evoke the Soul of the listener. Each
album is a Spirit Journey that functions as a Soul Retrieval, even as the
beautiful, uplifting music brings peace and well-being.
Her Recordings are:

Spirits Walking the Wind

Spirits Walking the Wind


Sweet Sacred Mystery*

*Sweet Sacred Mystery was nominated for 7 awards, to learn more:

To listen to samples of all tracks on each:

To read lyrics:

Or to Order either of her CD's or both, or
to purchase individual songs or albums on iTunes, go to:

For custom signed copies, contact Nancy Bloom at
or 541-621-2181

I wish you well, as you live increasingly from your Soul.
May you blossom in all the ways you wish to!
And may you live a life that sings in your Soul!

--Nancy Bloom