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5-week Tools For Transformation Course


Tools for Transformation:
A New Octave Living the Whole and Living from Soul

I am delighted to invite you to the Tools for Transformation Workshop,
a Play-shop and Training in Tools for Soulful Living to last you a lifetime!

Fall is a great time to look within! It is the direction of the West on the Medicine Wheel,
and its themes are introspection and transformation. In fact it is often called the Looks Within place!

A 5-Week Journey into the Fullness of All You Are, through exploring your rich inner landscape
and the power and presence of your Soul and all its facets.

This work is based on Psychosynthesis, which I trained in from l976-78.



Tools for Transformation Workshop


|Our themes will be working with the many unique parts of self and living more and more from Soul. We will learn and use skills to help our sub-personalities unfold into their more healed selves, and discover and apply ways to mediate any inner conflicts within ourselves. All of this brings us to enjoying a more and more fulfilling life of greater wholeness!

Our media will be inner journeys, meditations, voice dialogue and expressive movement, sound and art! Though a lot of our work will be within our own unique inner landscape and our own "Theatre of Selves," and Soul, sharing in the group will also likely kindle each of our own breakthroughs as movements and words of others may move us and vice versa! And of course silence is an honored way of sharing too.

We will also work with the Power of Sound to heal and transform!

It is a great blessing to have a circle of like-Spirited soul with whom to make our journey.

A kinship circle, as it were, even through our diversity.


This is an empowering journey for those who wish more complete healing and transformation, and/or those who wish to more skillfully assist others in healing and transforming. It is also for those choosing greater effectiveness in relating and communicating with loved ones and people in general.

So often our inner parts create a huge affect on our lives, our health, our works and our relationships. As we help these sub-personalities to unfold and grow into more resonant expressions of our essence, healing and whole-making naturally follow.

This work, while deep, and very real, often naturally includes humor, surprise and delight.

A private home in Ashland-Talent, Oregon Area


Enjoy this vibrant, fulfilling journey of becoming
Whole and living from Soul & take with you
Tools for Transformation to last a lifetime.

Nancy BloomYour guide, Nancy Bloom, M.A., CHT, Counselor and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, was trained in Psychosynthesis at the Psychosynthesis Institute in San Francisco, and taught Expressive Arts Therapies at the Person Centered Expressive Therapy institute in California. Drawing on those approaches, she has evolved and guided this course for over 33 years, incorporating work with emotions and Spirit, sub-personalities, body, intuition, creativity and Soul to bring a deepening wholeness, aliveness and balance to each unique participant. Teaching at a soul level with freshness, and honoring each person present makes her work always enlivening and empowering. "This course provides a sort of Soul Retrieval, as we call in all the essential parts of our own true nature," says Nancy. "It is my joy to guide this course, and to experience the many gifts and awakenings that participants receive through it. Our communion with our own Souls, with Spirit and with one another make this a fulfilling journey!"

"You are a treasure! So dedicated to improving the lives of those you work with!
Such a deep listener. And so intuitive!.
" PT, Eagle Point.

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