Nancy Bloom, recording artist, invites you to enjoy a video of her peace song, Salaam Shalom. She says, "Salaam Shalom is a song invoking and inviting peace, within and throughout the world. It is a sung prayer for peace, a melodic blessing of peace, and can be used as a meditation or mantra off and on throughout the day for dwelling in peace and flooding the world with peace. The mind and heart are powerful instruments of creation. I invite you to focus them on peace, while listening, meditating, singing or praying to this song. I dedicate the lyrics, four words for peace: Salaam (Arabic), Shalom (Hebrew), Shanti (Sanskrit), and Peace (English), to peace in all hearts, on all continents and between all people. Breathing Peace,
- Nancy Bloom


Written and sung by Nancy Bloom, from her CD Sweet Sacred Mystery, whose themes are peace, unity in diversity, and communion with Earth and Spirit

Buzuki (played) (on video) by Richard Williams

Percussion (on video) by Ryan Weidner

Directed by Dennis Hubbard

Producers: Nancy Bloom and Irene Kai

We are many voices in one great song — the song of the Spirit. In our hearts beats the One Heart — the heart of Love.
Dedicated to those who have gone before us, to those who come after, for whom we
are the ancestors, and to the hearts and souls of you who listen . . .

Copyright 2017 Nancy Bloom. All rights reserved.