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"Once in awhile the people of planet Earth are gifted with a person, a guide, who is able to take our way of living, thinking and doing to a new level.  Nancy Bloom is such a person.  She is a gentle but skilled guide who is able to help us see things we've never seen before, to thinking ways we've never tried, and to walk paths we've never journeyed.

The wise ones who respond to the invitation to join her on this magical walkabout will embark on an experience that simply will not and cannot be forgotten.  Upon returning home, with the scent of sage lingering in clothes and hair, participants are better equipped to face life challenges and are endowed with sweet memories of friendships that developed when strangers became a community woven into the fabric of their souls.

How do I know?  I've been there.  My own story includes not one but two Medicine Wheel classes, one in 1994 and again in 2011.  In reality, these experiences never end.  As the medicine wheel keeps turning within us throughout our lives, Nancy Bloom has taken the whole retreat to a new, deeper and higher level.

And you will go with her.  Be in on it.

~ Nancy Anderson,
Klamath Falls

~ * ~ * ~*

"I use the tools I gained in your courses CONSTANTLY, they have become a life-line for me, guiding me in guiding myself to an ever more fulfilling, balanced life. Many of them I've shared with my children, who reap the benefit also."

~S.M., Mother,
Forest Service employee

~ * ~ * ~*

"Beginning with the three day workshop you led on the river, when I was one of the river guides, I have taken all your courses, many two or more times each, they are always fresh and new, and always take me so powerfully into the next steps of my growth and evolution - I am so deeply grateful for the seemingly miraculous way you weave each unique group, each particular course, so as to bring out the very best in everyone and catalyze amazing learning and breakthroughs for us all, each in our own way. We often get so bonded, it is hard to let the group go by the end, and yet I feel forever enriched by each unique journey we have taken together. THANK YOU!" ~L.M., River guide

~ * ~ * ~*


Each workshop or course is A Way of the Spirit, A Path of the Heart, that changes lives forever. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, natural and inspiring. And no matter how deep we go, natural humor bubbles up through our work from time to time, each session, as if divinely guided by Spirit, to lighten and delight us! In each workshop or course participants' authenticity, intuition, and tools for healthy living are deepened and enhanced.

It is my joy to enter the miraculous field of synergy and openness that arises in the groups I teach. In them I serve as the experienced guide, inspired by Spirit, committed to your soul's unique unfoldment through the process. Skilled and sensitive to every nuance and need of individual participants as they evolve through each step of the it in the teachings, the meditative journeys or the experiential processes. I remain spontaneously responsive to each next guided step.

As we work, each person in the group and the group presence as a whole becomes an ever-evolving and ever-changing doorway to greater awareness and new discoveries along our pathway of learning and transformation. In that sense the course is taught through, and brought through, all of us!

Learning and deepening arise from our inner work, from the tools and approaches we learn and apply, and from supportive sharing. A safe space is carefully woven in which to freely express new truths and discoveries and feelings as they arise.



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Click on flyer for Details
Click on flyer for details:
Tools for Transformation Workshop Healing Hands Workshop Medicine Wheel workshop
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Click on flyer to see larger version and get more information
Click on flyer to see larger version and get more information

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Medicine Wheel workshop
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Tools For Transformation Course
Ashland/Talent, OREGON


Tools For Transformation

I whole-heartedly welcome you to awaken your intuitive gifts
and your spiritual strengths, as you deepen in Spirit, Soul and Nature
through this transformative journey. It is designed for you to do just that!

Open through teachings, meditations, ceremony, the sound medicine of drum, voice and song, inner journeys, movement, expressive arts and shamanic work, in tune with the Natural World, and in resonance with each of the 7 directions.

Enjoy a circle of kindred spirits and times solo on the land in embodied spirituality.

"LIfe-Changing!" S.M., Social Worker, Medford, Or.

"Tools for spiritual living to last a lifetime! I've shared a lot of this with my children!." NB, Mother, Medford, Or.


*It is time to blossom through our intuitive arts, and to claim the wholeness of who we are.*
* It is time to come alive and explore and express the innate, grounded mysticism of our Soul, in resonance with the natural world.*

Only a Few Spaces Remain


LIFE PASSAGES: Spirit Journey

LIFE PASSAGES: Spirit Journeys
Nancy Bloom and participants talk about the Medicine Wheel Workshop. A journey around the universal medicine wheel with participants sharing their experiences.

Watch Video


LIFE PASSAGES: Universal Medicine Wheel
A journey of the soul and spirit: An Inteview by Shoshona Alexander with workshop leader Nancy Bloom about the Universal Medicine Wheel

Watch Video



Nancy has been offering Courses and Workshops in these additional areas for over 30 years. Please contact her for more information if you are interested.

The Healing Arts

Tools for Transformation

Other Topics

  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Self Healing and Hands on Healing
  • Healing Hands, Healing Heart
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Psychic Healing
  • Creative Visualization for Healing
  • The Nurse as Healer

Nancy has developed and taught scores of these as one-day, weekend workshops, and longer ongoing workshop series and in-depth trainings.

Deepening our Connection with Spirit, Soul and Nature (formerly titled: The Medicine Wheel -- Way to Wholeness, Path of Power)

Nancy has taught 18 of these 9-week series since l987. This offering is also available in a weekend format, or in residential retreat of up to 7 days.

Always taught with access to nature for Medicine Wheel and personal questing time, as well as conducive indoor space, a Quest workshop involves the teachings and principles of universal earth-based spirituality, which is in all of our ancestry, if we go back far enough. Also included are journaling, movement, guided inner journeys, shamanic journeys, experiential discoveries in specific times and tasks on the land, meditations, evolving tribal connection through compassionate listening, expression of inner truth, supportive sharing, and co-creating with Spirit through sounding, medicine songs, toning, visualizations, and drumming/rattling.

Life-long tools for living an authentic, full and balanced life are gained and integrated.

  • Personal Mythology
  • Past Life Regression
  • Past Lives, Present Moment
  • Vision Quests in Wilderness settings
  • The Shaman's Way
  • Intuitive Arts

This is a course in Intuitive Development in which each person is given tools and skills and is also empowered in discovering and honing their unique intuitive gifts and in unfolding their own specific pathway in the intuitive arts.

We learn from each person's discoveries and the insights, inspirations and wisdoms that come through us all.

Course includes:

  • Ethics and Intuition
  • Intuition in daily life
  • Guidance
  • Attunement to Spirit
  • Deepening your connection with your soul and other's souls
  • Hearing the Voice of the Body
  • Doing readings
  • Animal Communication
  • Intuitive Listening in Relationships
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Intuitive Inspiration and Creativity
  • Inner Knowing
  • Insight

Tools and approaches include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Sensing
  • Meditations
  • Aura-Chakra Reading
  • Aura-Chakra clearing
  • Aura-Chakra balancing
  • Psychometry
  • Guided writing
  • Knowingness
  • Work with colors and symbols, sounding and toning, intuitive movement.

Note: Many of my students have gone on to become highly effective professional intuitives, as each has evolved their own path and fortes in intuition.

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