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(New CD Release, January 2006)
Sweet Sacred Mystery

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Nominated for 7 Awards, including:

Best Album of the Year
Best New Artist
Best Ambient Album
Best World Album
Best Relaxation/Meditation Album
Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
Best Cover Art

Sweet Sacred Mystery ranked #4 on the Top 100
New Age/Ambient/World Radio/Internet Airwaves Chart
for June 2006
(and #6 for May, '06)

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Neil Anderson

Former Vice President of Columbia Records and of Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)

A hauntingly beautiful, hopeful album embracing many spiritual traditions. The soulful music and lyrics take you to the mysteries of past and future times, while always reminding you that you still live in the now - right here on earth. This album is a true gem

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Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York state. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.

In life there are many themes through which we are guided. When we choose to walk the Spiritual path, we encounter themes that are ostensibly mystical, stretching our imaginations and reality mechanisms to a point of no return. Nancy Bloom represented the living Spirit, expressing her creativity through lilting vocals and musical expressions that alluded to the depth of her soul. She speaks from her heart, elevating the poignancy of the Native American struggle for autonomy and respect. Her voice whispers with a clarity that bespeaks of the essence of creation in all things, in moments of joy and suffering alike. Bloom chants the tones of revelation, courageously embracing the negative as an equal side of the positive. Her Spirituality is devoid of fear, wrought with optimism and strength, yet fragile and vulnerable when she points out the irresponsible indiscretions of humankind.

The music is sensitive and delicate, purveying a soulful charm that allowed the meanings of the lyrics to permeate our subconsciousness. Flutes, whistles, rattles, bells, and Native American drums created an ambient backdrop for a Spiritual poetry of Nancy Bloom. She has created her own niche through which her devotion to the divine Creator is pondered. Bloom is very up front with her truths, encouraging the listener to release their doubts and face the responsibility and truth of our stay on planet Earth. We are the “Spirits Walking the Wind”, Bloom wants us to stand up and be counted. I know I am on my feet.

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Music International
by the late PJ Birosik

These are very beautiful, very uplifting and emotionally moving songs. While eclectic, they are unified in Spirit.


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Listener Feedback:

I listen to both your albums all the time. The music is so beautiful, and very soothing, especially for a panic attack person like me.
- PB, Homemaker

Hearing you perform the songs from your new CD Release, Sweet Sacred Mystery, I was stunned at their beauty. The music transported me to a different place. The sound of your voice - it has the combined quality of the Spirit and the Earth. It does not take me out of my body, but rather deeper into my body and it inspires my heart!

Your music has the resonance of a ripened, mature woman who knows life and is giving the fruits of her inspiriation and her experience.
-Tiziana DellaRovere,
Author of Sacred Fire & Leader of Sacred Feminine Workshops & Pilgrimages

Very comforting to have it on in the background , very atmospheric- it creates a great ambience! . This album has a fullness-the pieces fit together as a whole-it is an organic journey The songs carry you deeper and deeper as you listen through them. When it finished I felt I didn't want it to end!

There are a lot of deep, earthy, rhythmic sounds...and a rich Native American influence in the whole collection. Beautiful sounds, and some amazing back up singers as well.

I'll listen to it again and again, as well as certain particular favorites: Salaam, Shalom; Children of the Wind, Follow the Path of the Sun, Every Breath (reprise).
- S.C., Professional Organizer

Sweet Sacred Mystery is such an exquisite and moving musical journey- some of the songs have brought me to tears!
- R.B., Songwriter, Singer, Mother

Though I have had difficulty sleeping for months, your performance of songs from your new CD Sweet Sacred Mystery took me to such a deeply peaceful place inside I feel sure I can sleep now. Also, due to pain I hadn't danced in 5 months, but when I heard the rousing Gypsy music (the song "Children of the Wind") I just got up and danced, free of pain!
- Y. Lawyer, Baker

I feel I need your voice in my ear, it has a resonance that is healing for me.
- L. W., Retired, Musician

This album and each song on it is a classic! Great to do T'ai Chi to!
-K.B., Acupuncturist, Musician

I love it! It's brilliant. Well performed, and beautifully mixed. It puts me right into "Alpha" and lets me travel. This music improves the quality of your environment without demanding your attention.
- B. M., Record Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actor and TV Personality

Listening to and singing along with Salaam, Shalom, Shanti, Peace, you can feel the song emanating peace throughout the world. I vote for a single of that song, playing over and over, so that it can truly flood each person's world with peace, as well as empowering peace in the world as a whole. The rest of the album is pure grace as well!
- A. W., Caregiver

This music purifies the atmosphere in your home! In addition to being very beautiful!
-R.G. Author, Playwrite, Illustrator, Director, Actor

I've listened to it forever now and look forward to a forever more. It's a permanent cd in my stereo so plays daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
- K.B., Jeweler (Eastern Oregon)

Pure spirit sweetly singing- Nancy’s music flows through my body and my being, my home and my family- blessing and infusing us with sacred harmony. Truly, the divine mystery is woven through these melodies- carrying us deep into the core of creation, the essence of illumination that lives always within and all around each one us. As is listen I journey through the realms of angels and ancestors, as I dance I fly though the radiant heart of pure love! Thank you for nurturing the healing wellness of my self and our precious planet.
- L.P., Director of Living Earth Circle (Ashland, Oregon)

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Spirits Walking the Wind
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-the late Steven Foster,
director and Founder of The School of Lost Borders and
Lost Borders Press,Big Pine, California

"Spirits Walking the Wind" is as quiet, melodic, touching, and insistent as holding hands with someone you love -- while the other hand is entangled in the grass. Can it be that the loom-harps of certain people are more open to the forging of this vital link? Listen and see."


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Vision Magazine - February 2002
by Trevor Watson

A wonderful album that expresses the great voice and great song that we all carry in our hearts. Nancy Bloom combines timeless and extremely moving compositions that are obviously inspired by the sounds and rhythms of Celtic, Native American, and African-American music. This is truly the sound of the soul and the spirit. You are invited to open the eyes of your heart and see all that dwells in the great mystery of what we call life. Deep as the ocean, wider than the sea. Listen, the elements are singing, in the voice of the fire, the voice of the air, in the voice of the water, the voice of the earth. Ceux sont les chansons du mystere.


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Omega New Age Directory: Musical Soundscapes
- Phoenix, AZ, January 2002
by Robert Walmsley

Spirits Walking the Wind by Nancy Bloom Blending ancient wind instruments and percussion from around the world with modern atmospheric effects and instrumentation. Nancy Bloom creates native soundscapes that strike the chords of the heart in this beautiful release. Her (English) lyrics are spoken, sung and chanted to deliver a timely message of hope and healing for the planet and all of mankind. As the music plays, the listener is touched by the voice of the Earth Mother, singing through all time and giving birth to every worldly form. Ancestral spirits walk upon the breath passing through every instrument, be it a man made instrument or body instrument, gently reminding us that the air we breathe and the wind we feel is the very same air they breathed and felt when they walked to the earth. Our breath belongs to the earth, we are reminded, and as we cherish the breath we must cherish the earth, for both are sacred and deeply connected. Tranquil, soothing and highly recommended to all lovers of native flute and new age music.


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World and New Age Reviews - January 2002
by Kathryn Sargent, Editor

Quiet your mind, turn deep within, and the voices of the ancestors will speak to you. They will likely sound something like the songs on Spirits Walking the Wind by Nancy Bloom. This hauntingly beautiful collection of songs from Native American, and Celtic roots, is like hearing your grandmothers’ wisdom whispered by your pillow when you are at the edge of dreamtime. The title song, "Spirits Walking the Wind," tells us that the old ways are gone, and yet they must begin again. The lovely "Les Chansons du Mystere" (Songs of the Mystery) honors the elements of earth, air, fire, and water in Medieval French tonalities, accompanied by Celtic Harp and pennywhistle. "Blessed Be" is a sweet blessing chant. "Let the Spirit Move You," featuring Ani Williams, is rendered in the style of an African American Spiritual, deeply moving, intimate and yet grand. It reminds us that God is in everything: "God is the sunlight, and in deepest night, God is in the darkness, God is the light…God is your pain and God is your delight." "You Cannot Chain My Soul" (vocal by G. Val Thomas) is "a song of soul-force even in the midst of the degradation and abuse of slavery. A soul-retrieval process and rallying cry for anyone anywhere who has suffered abuse." Blessedly, the lyrics for all these songs are included in the liner notes. There is inspiration, comfort, and the reminder of the ancestors’ love in every song on Spirits Walking the Wind. (Pub: Musik International)


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Listener Feedback:

Spirits Walking the Wind sounds and feels like prayers from all directions! And prayers radiating out to all directions!
- B.H. Mother, Grandmother, Retired

Spirits Walking the Wind is a combination of music, healing and a spiritual experience!
- Anonymous

I wanted to let you know that listening to Spirits Walking the Wind driving back from the coast evoked a powerful healing experience for me...a real breakthrough after all the pain from my accident!
-C., Hospice Nurse

We all love Spirits Walking the Wind so much! We all listen to it often, both of us parents, and all our children, ages 10, 7, 4 and 2. It resonates deeply with my soul. I listen to it all the time. We love each one of the songs! The children tone to it, sing to it, drum to it and dance with it.
- T.G., Mother, Astrologer, Writer, Business Owner

I love your CD! My son and I listen to it all the time. Your album's brought joy into our home - we meditate on it every night! It's very beautiful and soothing - there is a lot of heart energy in it. We love the whole thing and our favorite song is Spirit.
- K. C., Attitudinal Healer and Mother (Southern Oregon)

Your album speaks to me in all of my languages. It appeals to me in the deepest parts of who I am and who I am just learning to be. I am so glad your CD found it's way into my bag today. I look forward to more music from you. I also love that you include the lyrics as I LOVE to sing and plan to learn the lyrics and sing along. Thank you for your voice and your songs. Thank you for connecting me to my soul. Again, I am so thankful your CD came into my life. I listen to it constantly and it fills me with joy.
- K. M., (East Coast, USA)

I've enjoyed the CD so much! The melodies you wrote are so wonderful! I'm constantly hearing them! They are beautiful! I do yoga to the music and use the song Sacred, Sacred each day as a meditation practise. I am very impressed!
- J. E., Sufi Teacher, Nurse (Ashland, Oregon)

I just LOVE your CD. The music is beautiful, haunting!
- A. F., Travel Agent (Boulder, Colorado)

I found your CD very soothing, exciting and dynamic. I like how you've combined so many different musical tastes (Celtic, African, South American, ambient, etc.) with a constant Native American undertone. The feeling of your music is simple and flowing, calm and emotional. I 'm sure as I listen deeper, it will take me to many more places within.
- D. G., Landscaper (Southern Oregon)

So relaxing and ancient...tasty and wonderful!
- A. F., Yoga Teacher (Southern Oregon)

I sure have been enjoying the CD. I love the cover photo! Very beautiful and eye-catching! I enjoy the variety of songs - I find myself singing them to myself, in fact I sing the songs a lot as I work...I am learning the words. May Creator bless you with much joy and prosperity as you share your songs!
- L. K., Painter of Native American Ancestral portraits and scenes, Maker of Dreamcatchers (Joseph, Oregon)

I am so glad I got one of your CD's I am impressed. I love the words and music, What great words used together to create such a beautiful sound it does touch the soul..... I jog evey other day, your CD is the music I am jogging to as of late, it's inspiring
- J. B. (Seattle, Washington)

I've discovered that listening to your inspired CD at night while I'm at work alone helps keep me centered in my Higher Self with positive thinking, rather than in my lower nature that tends to dwell in fear, worry, resentment, etc. It is so peaceful, soothing, and beautiful! It is to me "As above, so below," bringing the higher realms into the physical plane... Thank you so much for sharing your inspired talents with the world and with me; I'm amazed each time I hear it at the creation of such beautiful pieces. I look forward to your next one also very much.
- S. D., Medical Transcriptionist (Medford, Oregon)

I keep listening to the CD. (Spirits Walking the Wind). The harmonies are fantastic, the words inspiring, the voices celestial,
- K. J., Alpaca Farmer (North Carolina)

I LOVE your CD! Thank you for following your dreams!
- J. O., Mother (Ashland, Oregon)

I'm listening to your CD "Spirits Walking the Wind" for the third time in a row today... and thoroughly enjoying it. One song, "Blessed Be", struck me as one I'd like played during or at the beginning of my handfasting (ceremony). I wonder.... may I play the track from your CD? This song in particular speaks to me about the "tone" of our ceremony. And no, we haven't picked a date yet. Thank you for providing such wonderful services and a soul-filling CD.
- J. C. (Canton, Connecticut)

I LOVE your CD! Everyone here does - everytime I come into the store, it seems, it's playing. Those of us who work here never grow tired of it and it works well for our ambience and for our customers and supports our vision and purpose here.
- S., Mgr of store featuring Native American, and Western Arts, and Music (Ashland, Oregon)

I love your CD (Spirits Walking the Wind)! Streamsong and Pachamama are haunting, wonderful songs! I'd like another copy to send a friend who has Native American interests and a musical background..."
- A. W., Retired Teacher (North Carolina)

What a great sound! World class! - K. M., recording artist, drummer, songwriter, Medford, Oregon 'A masterpiece!" - B. P., CEO, and Owner of a Consulting Group, Professional Speaker and Trainer (Dallas, Texas)

Your CD is WONDERFUL! I especially LOVE the song Blessed Be and listen to it over and over. I want to order another one for a friend's birthday!
- S. M., Director of a Commission on Children and Families (Oregon)

Thank you so much for the gift of your music. It is such a comfort to have your voice in my life so frequently. So rich and full and melodic. A breath of serenity. A calm in my troubled time.
- R. W., Neon Artist (Pennsyvania)

I love your CD! I took it with me on a trip to Portland, along with other CD's, put yours on first and never took it off! I played it the entire 5-hour trip! And most of the way back again! Am ordering more for family and friends.
- B. H., Art Therapist and Counselor (Oregon)

I put on your CD the night we received it. Beautiful! Your voice, the whole atmosphere that you create on record, all of it so fine.
- S.F. & M.L., Authors, Wilderness Quest Guides (Big Pine, California)

"Exquisite, inspirational, magnificent!"
- S.P., Seminar Leader, Consultant (Dallas, Texas)

GREAT STUFF! Your music moved us both...we have listened several times already and continue to enjoy it greatly!
- T.Z., Transformational Coach (Talent, Oregon)

I've really enjoyed your CD, the cover as well as the heartfelt songs.
The lyrics are wonderful too
- A.S., Financial Advisor (Tacoma, Washington)

I LOVE your CD Spirits Walking the Wind. It has a permanent place on my 3-CD player, and I listen to it all the time. I do yoga to it, I've even made up dances to it. And my women's group is learning both Blessed Be and Sacred, Sacred to sing together.
- V.V., Teacher (Southern Oregon)

I've enjoyed your album thoroughly! You cannot imagine how MUCH I enjoy it! All my friends love it too!
- L.A. , Banker (Athens, Greece)

Impressive throughout! I particularly love the slavesong: You Cannot Chain My Soul - it moves me deeply, I feel it in my heart, in my core, deep inside, and the French Song is beautiful, and I also really love the Peruvian Indian song, Pachamama. Well done, ALL of it!
- S.K., Native American Flute Player, Recording Artist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer (Southern Oregon)

Soothing and delightful! D. G., counselor, Oregon. Carries you deep into Soul and Source. Inspiring, deeply moving.
- D.K., Didgeridou Maker

I listened to Spirits Walking the Wind again and again on the way North and on the way home. Wow I am so impressed! I mean, this is a brilliant piece of work! Awesome, simply awesome. Can't wait to play it in my art studio,... Know something? My studio has pictures of the ancestors stuck all over the walls...that's why it's so special. My studio has that mystic touch which is also found in your music.
- N.L.A., Realtor, Drum and Rattle Maker, Artist (Klamath Falls, Oregon)

I listen to both your albums all the time. The music is so beautiful, and very soothing, especially for a panic attack person like me.
- PB, Homemaker


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